Global Warming Watch with Ben Chandler

"Earth's temperature is rising.  Glaciers are melting in Antarctica."  Quote by Ben Chandler 2006

Winter in Antarctica:
Today's Temperatures:
South Pole: 40 degrees below zero F

Chandler believes that the glaciers in Antarctica are melting, and will bring all sorts of disasters upon us! He spells it all out in his column from Feb. 1, 2006:

"Coastal areas could experience increased flooding as the sea level rises from melting ice caps. Storms could become more severe and ecosystems across the world could change. Heat waves and droughts could worsen and natural ocean circulation could be drastically altered. "
Any day now...

Actually, the ice in Antarctica is holding its own very well! The American Geophysical Union recently released data gathered by the Norwegian Polar Institute. Using hot water drilling techniques, the Polar team was able to bore through more than 200m of ice to observe waters below. Their findings, coupled with data from transmitters worn by elephant seals swimming under the ice, give a more detailed picture of the Fimbul Ice Shelf. Water temperatures are in reality much lower than computer models predicted. Antarctica is not melting...

More of Ben Chandler's "Common Sense" approach:

Kentucky's Gentleman Farmer to California Farmers: "Dry Up!"
Ben Chandler helped spread environmental cheer to residents of Mendota, one community located in California's San Joaquin Valley. In this account of a politically-created drought, residents describe how jobs vanished and personal property was destroyed during a regulatory battle with the EPA. The irrigation pumps which delivered water to area farms were shut down after being deemed a danger to a 3 inch long fish, the Delta Smelt.

Desperate farmers made an appeal to Congress, seeking to have the pumps turned back on. Ben Chandler told them, "NO". That's ironic, as Chandler himself claims to not only be a farmer, but a champion for farmers: "You know what the soil means to me. I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world". See youtube below Thanks in part to Farmer Ben, central California suffered a great loss. You can hear his "NO" at the 7:30 mark of this youtube of the Appropriations Committee hearing on the matter.

Environmentalist-created nightmare...

The Money Cycle:
Your Dollars...
To Obama Dollars...
To Ben's War Chest

Ben Chandler:

Ben has always been a sucker for a little glitz and glam!

Ben Chandler star-struck with Obama www.seebenspend.com

along came Barack Obama, the King of the Teleprompter.

Ben had stars in his eyes. Our Ben, a great orator himself, was swept away with Obama's smooth eloquence. "I think he's brilliant! ...He knows what he's doing!" "Obama will heal a lot of wounds in our country...and internationally."

Ben could see his own star rising on Obama's horizon: "I think I'll have an opportunity to have some visits with him and hopefully some influence with him."

The O-Pod Ben chandler www.seebenspend.com

Obama's numbers are dropping, however, as the nation suffers through one speech after another. Many are already digging out their winter ear muffs, hoping to deflect the sound of his voice. Ben is a good loyal Democrat, and seems willing to follow no matter how far to the left of the playing field his party takes him.

But my advice to Ben regarding Obama?


See Ben Spend on youtube!

Click here: See Ben Spend youtube channel.

The Professional Grandson

Would Ben be a congressman if he weren't a Chandler? Ben Chandler sees the furutre www.seebenspend.com
Ben entered politics at age 27, flanked by 2 former governors: Ned Breathitt and Granddaddy "Happy" Chandler.

Ben refers to his personal history frequently. Knowing his story helps to understand his particular brand of "representation", and his sense of entitlement to a political career, whether he's qualified or not!

Click Here for the Unauthorized Biography of Ben Chandler.

Giving Senior Citizens "The Treatment"
Ben Thinks If He Can Scare Them, He Can Control Them...

Ben Chandler, King of Mediscare

One of my pet peeves about Ben Chandler is his disingenuous treatment of the older Americans. His fundraising letters are full of threats which are simply NOT TRUE! Dripping with false respect, he lies to scare them into voting for him, as well as financially supporting his campaign. A tough accusation, you say? Agreed! But it is not made casually.

Following is a sampling of the doomsday predictions from his letters. NEVER - not even once - does Ben tell seniors that proposed changes DO NOT AFFECT THEIR BENEFITS! All Republican proposals make changes only for those under 55 years of age, but Ben fails to mention that. If you want to see the letters in their entirety, click here.

Excerpts From Ben's Letters

8/31/2010 GOP proposes "privatizing Social Security benefits and putting them in the hands of Wall Street. We can't allow them to take away crucial benefits from Kentucky's seniors in the name of profits."

4/7/2011 "Republicans are putting in permanent tax breaks for the super rich and saddling our seniors with the cost. Seniors could lose the guaranteed benefits they earned under Medicare and the support that helps seniors in nursing homes..."


Ben Chandler Declares:
A Few People are Hoarding
Most of the Wealth in this Country

Ben Has Increased His Obama-style Class Warfare Rhetoric

The following video was taken Oct. 15, 2012 at a Chandler campaign stop.

Here was Chandler in July 2011, spouting the same line
The wealthy aren't feeling enough pain.
They need to pay their fair share!

"How can you be in favor of those people
continuing to hoard most of the wealth in this country...?"

In an appearance on WKYT's "Kentucky Newsmakers" Saturday, July 2, Ben laid out his "Share the Wealth" program, sounding like Huey Long, minus the charisma. Ben asserted that a few are hoarding too much wealth, putting the debt unfairly on the backs of the poor and elderly.

You heard Ben, now listen to Huey and hum along with his theme song, "Every Man a King".

"There'll be peace without end, every neighbor a friend..."

Who owns your paycheck...you or the government? Redistribution is not just about "the wealthy". It goes to the very core of private ownership of assets, affecting every American. Read more....

Why Are We Looking At Such High Taxes?
Because There's Ben Big Spending!!!

Ben Chandler spender www.seebenspend.com

Ben Chandler, the Imperial Spender, elite and untouchable, helped DOUBLE the national debt during his tenure...so far. He blames it all on Bush, but Ben has been there 7+ years, with Bush and now Obama, continually spending.. SPENDING... SPENDING!

You see, Congress holds the purse strings. Bush couldn't spend a dime without their approval! Neither can Obama!

Ben blames deficit on unemployment, Bush tax cuts:

The US Credit rating has been lowered 3 different times. The US has NEVER been downgraded until Obama, with Chandler's help, swung into full spending mode. Read more about it here...

Ben Chandler uses public money to fund Planned Parenthood

Ben has danced all around the issue of federal funding for abortion, but this legislative session his message was clear: Your taxpayer dollars SHOULD be used to fund abortion.

Ben Chandler voted against H.R. 3: "No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act" on May 4, 2011. H.R. 3 permanently bans use of federal dollars to pay for abortion.

On Feb. 18, 2012, Ben also voted to federally fund Planned Parenthood. In 2009, Planned Parenthood performed 324,008 abortions. Ben voted to force you to provide 1/3 of their funding, by voting "No" on the Mike Pence amendment to Continuing Appropriations Bill H. R. 1, which stated that no federal funds should be given to PP.

Ben failed to cast a vote on a bill that would ban using abortion as a means for selecting the sex of a child. For that information, plus undercover footage at Planned Parenthood clinics, click here.

Very Thought Provoking Message
From Susan B. Anthony List

Ben Chandler Golden Goose
Admitting that tax increases do indeed kill business, Ben sought better treatment for the bourbon industry. In October 2009, Ben declared that bourbon producers are overtaxed. A year and a half later, in May 2011, Chandler cosponsored the Aged Distilled Spirits Competitiveness Act, which proposed a more favorable tax code for the industry.

Tax Breaks Are Great...
So why can't everybody have them?

Why did Ben single out only one industry for such favorable treatment? If, as Chandler admits, tax breaks are good for business, why not give them to every industry?

The answer lies in the book - the deposit book for Ben's campaign accounts. Donors tend to be treated more favorably than non-donors. Read more here.... and here.

Ben Chandler American Rubble

American Rubble...

Ben Chandler on Barack Obama:
"I Think He Knows What He's Doing."

Transformation of America, Step One: Destruction

The first steps of "moving forward" require destruction of private industry, property, and individual freedom. Barack Obama calls this "Fundamental Transformation". Ben Chandler calls it "Progress." Whatever you call it, the result is the same: American Rubble...

Separated at Birth?

Is it Charles Durning or Ben Chandler...???
"Oooo, I love to dance a little sidestep..." Enjoy!!!

"What did he say?"
"Same as usual...not a dang thing!"